Automation for Jira

The simple way to automate your team

Winner of fastest growing server app 2017 and Codegeist 2016!

Many add-ons for the price of one

Put your project admins back in control, allowing them to configure powerful automation rules with ease. There is no more need to install many different add-ons, figure out Jira's API or learn how to write custom scripts!

Powerful rules, Tonnes of components

Project admins can configure powerful automation rules with ease. Automation for Jira makes it incredibly simple to combine triggers, conditions and actions to handle even the most complex scenarios.

Thousands of supported Use cases

We provide you with simple building blocks that you can combine in a lot of powerful ways. Some popular use-cases:

  • Keep sub-tasks and parent issues synchronized
  • 16 ways to assign issues
    • Load balancing
    • Round-robin
    • Copy from issue
    • Previous assignee/commentor
  • Create recurring tasks
  • Track SLAs
  • Add sub-tasks on create
  • Set defaults for system fields
  • And many more...