Unlock your team's full potential with the simplest way to automate your process in JIRA. Automation for JIRA Pro, offers a huge number of additional features compared to the free lite version.  


Power to your project admins

Free up your global admins, by empowering your project administrators to help themselves! In the Pro edition, project admins can configure automation rules for their own projects as they see fit!


Keep related issues in sync

Want to keep parent and sub-task issues in sync? Automation for JIRA Pro has got you covered. Wether it's sub-tasks, stories in an epic or simply linked issues - we can handle them all.  With Pro it's a breeze to transition or edit related issues!


NEW triggers and actions!

Pro offers a huge number of extra triggers, conditions and actions.  Build far more advanced rules with actions like create issue, e-mail notifications, webhooks and powerful third party extensions that allow you to create PDFs on the fly!